Cube cars Brisbane has the Z11 Nissan Cube Cars available now to inspect.

Cube cars prices will vary on the age of Cube you want, the Z11 Cube car will start from approx $15000 + compliance costs. So expect to be paying from $18500 on road.

Compliancing cost start at $2150 plus tyres. Phone or E-mail us for a quote. For compliance, new Australian tyres are required to be fitted. The vehicle must also be Standard.

Cube cars will be complying cubes from 11/2002 until 12/2005 and will be the 1.4 litre 4spd auto version 2wd and 4wd of the cube car.

As demand grows we will endeavour to bring the cube 1.5 cvt.

Damaged Vehicles - A vehicle that has been structurally damaged cannot be fitted with a Used Import Plate. We must assess each vehicle for damage against guidelines prescribed in legislation - if the vehicle does not meet these requirements it must be exported or destroyed - irrespective of whether the damage has been repaired or is repairable. There are no exceptions.

Nissan Cube Cars because it is hip to be square

Pricing and Details on our Nissan Cube Cars in Stock

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