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When you drive a Nissan Cube car you get used to people asking: “What is it?”

"It looks like a baby hummer" or "a very cool cartoon car" they say!

But they all say one thing over and over: "Wow! That car is so cool!"

Driving a Cube car will certainly attract the right kind of attention. We even had the driver delivering our very first Cube posing with the car for pictures to show his wife and friends.

Everyone loves the Cube because it looks like nothing else on the road here in Australia.

But it is not just "looks"; the Cube car is really a great piece of engineering. It has loads of interior features including inspired storage design that gives you space galore, from the unique box in the floor of the rear foot well to the intelligently placed coat hook in the rear pillar.

The Nissan Cube car's boot can fit a set of golf clubs on a buggy without collapsing the buggy! So there is plenty of room for you to fit a great set of "boom boom" speakers too.

The doors open almost to 90 degrees making access really easy, even in a tight car-parking space, and the mirrors fold in electrically to protect them from accidental damage while the Cube is parked.

The Nissan Cube car is built in Japan, renowned for its high quality production design and reliability in manufacturing. The Cube is a close relation to the current Nissan Micra, sharing the same CR14DE motor and auto transmission which means fast and easy access to service or repair parts if required.

Nissan Cube Cars because it is hip to be square

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